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IUBMB - International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

IUBMB mission is to promote and support the growth and advancement of molecular biology considered to be the benchmark from which biomolecular sciences draw their basic ideas and techniques at the service of human kind. This is how it operates worldwide with particular attention to the fields where biochemistry is less developed, promoting international cooperation and high standards of research, discussions, applications and publications, and through international standardization of methods, terminology and symbols in biochemistry and molecular biology. IUBMB promotes the rules, values, standards, ethics of science and the borderless freedom of motion for scientists of all nations interested in participating in activities related to biochemistry and molecular biology. The International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - created in 1955 – gathers together biochemical and molecular biologists from 77 nations as member-Organizations or Associate Organizations within the Union. Every three years, the Union sponsors an International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The co-sponsorship of this conference provided by regional organizations of biochemistry and molecular biology, is a growing practice. These congresses are major international meetings, where current research in all fields of biochemistry and molecular biology are presented. Thousands of individual projects are introduced in poster sessions and the best scientists from many nations provide a description of their field of expertise and their  researches during plenary lectures and symposia. Since 1992, IUBMB has also sponsored IUBMB Congress and Special Meetings, which are held in the years between International Congresses. IUBMB provides financial support for international symposia on topics of biochemistry and molecular biology of current interest. It also grants short-term fellowships for young biochemists and molecular biologists giving them the opportunity to visit other institutions with the purpose to carry out researches not performable in their laboratories, and provides travel grants to attend its meetings.


Segretario Generale: Prof. Michael P. Walsh
Dpt of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, University, 3330 Hospital Drive N.W. - T2N 4N1 Calgary, Alberta - Canada
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Università degli Studi
DeFENS - Via Celoria, 2
Phone number: 02 50316819

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Istituto di Biomembrane e Bioenergetica - c/o Dip. Biochimica e Biologia Molecolare
Via Giovanni Amendola, 165/A - 70126 Bari
Phone number: 080 5443389

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