Institute for Agricultural and Forest Systems in the Mediterranean (ISAFoM)


The Sky Arrow ERAs: ISAFoM small research aircrafts

The direct measurement of wind and turbulence from aerial platforms has been made since several decades, but only recently it has been possible to use small aircrafts, with consequent important perspectives for the atmospheric and biospheric research. In such context, ISAFoM bought and instrumented two SKY Arrow 650 TCNS ERA - constituting one of ` the Large Scale Infratructures' of CNR - equipped with BAT probes (Best Atmospheric Turbulence), developed by NOAA-ATDD (USA) and ARA (Australia), ...

The experimental watershed Bonis

The experimental watershed "Bonis" is located in the mountain area of Sila Greca (39°25'15''N, 16°12'38''W), Calabria, Italy, at an elevation ranging between 975 and 1300 m a.s.l.. Almost 93% of the total area (139 hectares) is covered by forest stands, dominated by about 50-years-old Calabrian pine (Pinus laricio Poiret) forests, whose origin is artificial and, secondarily, natural. Also small stands of chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) and riparian forests of common alder (Alnus glutinosa L.) ...

Cynara cardunculus L., its innovative value and multiple utilization

The species Cynara cardunculus L. includes the two botanic varieties, the altilis DC (domestic cardoon) and the sylvestris (wild cardoon) and the sub species scolymus Hegi (globe artichoke). The particular interest for the productive potential of this species is related to the traditional use of the thickened receptacle for human food, to the possible alternative utilisation of the biomass and also the possibility to obtain, in Mediterranean environment, good yields even under low water ...

Innovative technology for recycling olive mill by-products for agronomic purposes

Many research institutions are paying attention on the problem of disposal of olive mill sludges, trying to give solutions technologically and economically sustainable and environmentally safe. Land controlled application of fresh olive mill sludges presents organizational and logistic difficulties, especially for two-phases olive mill pomace. Preliminary studies carried out by Section of Oliviculture of C.N.R-I.S.A.F.O.M., with financial support of National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, ...