Institute for Agricultural and Forest Systems in the Mediterranean (ISAFoM)



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Curriculum (IT)


Director of the Institute per I Sistemi Agricoli e Forestali del Mediterraneo - National Research Council of Italy- he has conducted research in the field of irrigation and crop water relationships in different environments. The scientific activity is mainly focused on water use optimization and on qualitative and quantitative responses to abiotic stresses of herbaceous and arboreal crops .
In particular, the main research topic are:
- irrigation management and crop water relationships in different growth condition; - irrigation use of brackish water in herbaceous and arboreal crops; - water requirement and advanced agronomic techniques management; - water consumption and effective water use; - water relation under abiotic stresses; - growth analysis; - use of carbonated water for irrigation; - qualitative and qualitative responses of olive trees to different irrigation strategies; - introduction of innovative species in the actual agricultural systems according to the recent EU policy.
During the research activities up to 170 scientific publications on national and international journals were prepared along with several congress and symposium communications.