Institute for organic syntheses and photoreactivity (ISOF)


Celle solari plastiche

Per assicurare sia la sicurezza che la sostenibilità del futuro approvvigionamento di energia, le politiche energetiche sono sempre più orientate verso un crescente impiego di fonti energetiche rinnovabili diversificate. Tra le fonti rinnovabili di energia, il fotovoltaico ha il potenziale di giocare un ruolo importante nella transizione verso un sistema sostenibile di approvvigionamento energetico. Si prevede che nei prossimi anni i moduli fotovoltaici saranno sempre più integrati negli ...


Over recent years there has been a tremendous drive towards computer miniaturization. At present the smallest components of a commercial microelectronic device are about 130 billionths of a metre (nanometre). Smaller dimensions would provide more powerful computers and reduce energy consumption, a fundamental issue in the explosive market of wireless communication, including mobile phones, portable video and audio players, laptops, etc. Further, significant miniaturization will require ...

Luminescent probes and photovoltaic devices

Following light absorption in the near-UV and VIS spectral region, molecular properties are profoundly affected. Such changes, attributable to the formation of electronic excited states, are transient. Within a few fractions of a second, molecules tend to return to their initial equilibrium state by emitting the excess of energy as heat or light. The latter process is termed photoluminescence and can be extremely useful for a variety of purposes. For instance it is possible to design ...