The italian dictionary (OVI)


OVI textual databases (the most important is the "Corpus OVI dell'Italiano antico") are searcheable online (free access). The TLIO in progress is published online (free access). Cf. in the OVI website a list of citations of scholarly publications that took advantage of both.
GATTO software, a product of OVI, is freely downloadable from the Web (more than 3,000 downloads).
The OVI gives assistance to research groups producing textual databases; cf. the ARTESIA corpus (Archivio Testuale del Siciliano Antico), by the University of Catania, and ATLiSOr corpus (Archivio Testuale della Lingua Sarda delle Origini), by University of Sassari, that was implemented in Gatto and is now searcheable in GattoWeb from OVI server.
OVI develops PLUTO, an integrated online system for the creation and management of dictionaries, which is used for the TLIO and which has already been adapted for the Vocabolario Dantesco, a project of the Accademia della Crusca in collaboration with OVI, and for the AGLIO project (Grammatical Atlas of the Italian Language of the Origins) of the University of Naples L'Orientale.