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The mission of the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry (ICB) consists of the chemical study of biological systems and processes to understand their function at the molecular level and explore their new technological applications.

Within the diversities of the methodologies employed by the personnel and of the objectives pursued by the researchers, ICB research activity is centered on organic molecules and their biological properties seen as:

1. Pieces of a puzzle of growing complexity, from single metabolic steps to interactions between different organisms;
2. Tools to be used to obtain a desired biological effect and to exploit metabolic processes of biotechnological importance.

Expertise and activities
ICB operates in the fields of bioorganic chemistry and chemical biology, with expertise in the disciplines of spectroscopy, structural and synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular modeling, microbiology, fermentation, pharmacology, nutraceutics and bioenergetics.
ICB activities range from basic research on biomolecules and bioprocesses to their biotechnological applications in the following sectors:
1. Health (development of new active principles, understanding of physiological and pathological mechanisms);
2. Energy (development of bio-fuels and other renewable bioenergetics resources);
3. Environment and ecology (understanding and counteraction of biological invasion phenomena, recycling of potentially polluting industrial waste products);
4. Agriculture and Food Industry (study and amelioration of species with nutritional value, identification of active principles for the nutraceutic, cosmetic and veterinary use).

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