Institute of biomolecular chemistry (ICB)


Training activities at ICB are witnessed by the several undergraduate and post-graduate students that each year carry out their experimental thesis projects at the Institute under the guidance of the researchers and technicians.
There is also intense training activity for PhD students (10/year, on average), most of which funded by Institute's external funds and supported by specific collaborations with the Universities.
ICB researchers are also strongly engaged in teaching activities at various Universities
Finally, ICB is actively engaged in training programs within specific national projects (297 art. 5, ex art. 4 Legge 6/2000 e PON) funded by the EU and MIUR
PREDIR is the main activity grouping all training actions in ICB

1.Research about methodologies and application of training activities
2.Production of didactic materials
3.Writing didactic texts
4.Organization of training programs within ICB and outside ICB for research personnel
5.Optimization of communication activity within the institute
6.Organization of external communication activities (events, internet site, social network activities)

All activity of PREDIR are in the framework of the mission of the Institute.