Institute of biomolecular chemistry (ICB)


The Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare (ICB) is characterized by high uniformity from scientific and cultural points of view and by wide distribution in different branches on the national territory. The ICB originated from 6 member institutions of the CNR (3 Institutes and 3 Centres) all previosly belonging to National Committee of Chemical Sciences and, in the period from 1996 to 1999, all taking part of dell'Istituto Nazionale di Coordinamento "Chimica dei Sistemi Biologici" (INC - CSB).
The main branch of the Institute is in Pozzuoli (Naples), other branches are in Catania, Roma, Padova and Sassari.

Expertise and activities
ICB operates in the fields of bioorganic chemistry and chemical biology, with expertise in the disciplines of spectroscopy, structural and synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular modeling, microbiology, fermentation, pharmacology, nutraceutics and bioenergetics.

ICB-CHISOS Biomass valorization and development of chemical/biotechnological studies in sustainable chemistry. This research activity collects applicative projects in sustainable chemistry for the production and valorization of biomolecules from waste biomass of various industry and for the study of their bioprocesses

ICB-RIND Relationship with industry and its representatives. Originally RIND was dedicated to promote ICB research in relationship with industry and corporate associations (networking, open innovation, workshops, B2B contacts, etc.). This research activity includes projects where ICB research is mainly serviced to productive and development systems.

ICB-PREDIR Public relationship with the territory and educational realities: dissemination, scientific formation and evaluation of research activities. This activity gathers ICB researcher's effort to science communication, didactic, formation and evaluation of research, that are relevant for CNR mission to increase presence of our Institute and of the whole CNR and interest to different stakeholders.

ICB-CHIBIO Design, synthesis, isolation and identification of biomolecules in life science: roles and functionalities. All projects under this activity are oriented to biomolecular chemistry, their focus spanning from design and isolation, chemical and bio-based syntheses and structure-function studies of biomolecules with pharmacological activity in life science.

ICB-OMICS Biomarkers in omics sciences in biomedicine and agri-food.

ICB-CHIMAT Innovative molecular systems and advanced materials in environmental, food and biomedicinal studies. In this activity research for innovative molecular systems and advanced materials in environmental, food and biomedicinal studies are listed. These materials will be useful in bioactive delivering nanotechnological systems.

History of ICB

In the month of June in 1995 at CNR in Rome a "Coordination Day" was organized regarding the presentation of preliminar results about the formation of the Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare. The coordination activity presented to the CNR management was in the framework of a reorganization effort aimed to the creation of a series of national based institutes in strategic areas of research. A previous indication by the National Committee of Chemical Sciences focused the attention on four area of interest. The "Coordination Day" was organized presenting posters and oral communications coming from researcher of member institutes; they were focused on six main topics as follows:

-Production, isolation and structural characterization of molecules and macromolecules of natural origin
-Design and synthesis of organic compounds interacting with biological systems
-Biochemical methodologies in organic synthesis and biosynthesis
-Structure activity relationships, mechanism of molecular interaction and molecular design
-Chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology for the application of biomasses
-New methodologies

The coordination activities promoted by the management of the ICB in the early period of its formation were based on

-promoting the Institute visibility
-starting fruitful relationships with industrial areas
-promoting scientific coordination for the rationalization of efforts and funding of research

After two years a new meeting was organized in Rome (February, 24-25) promoting the presentation of scientific results by the directors of each member institute and from the majority of researchers. During this meeting fruitful scientific relationships among researchers of different member institutes started, thus promoting personal knowledge and research team formation for the successful construction of the new Institute.

After different years of co-ordination activities among various member institutes, the National Research Council (CNR) finally founded the Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare (ICB).
The proposal regarding the formation of ICB originates from traditional research effected by the CNR in the field of interaction between basic chemistry and biological systems. It acts as a reference research point for a series of general and applied activities. Particular importance was focused on problems concerning human health and food science and to a lesser extent ecological problems are also dealt with.

On June 2002 in Rome at CNR, a new meeting was organized, the first after the formal foundation of the Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare. In this meeting the new Institute was presented with oral presentations of the research activities by the most of ICB researcher giving opportunity to all people working at ICB to meet for promoting scientific and organization discussions and a round table with management of CNR and with the directors of other institutes in the same area to discuss general scientific focus at ICB in comparison to general research lines as discussed by italian government, was held.

Nowadays annual meetings of ICB are collected in a special web section of the site of the ICB: