Topic: Transparent Ceramic Materials

In the activities carried out in 2007 related to transparent ceramics based on YAG (EU Project Craft NOVIGLAS COOP-CT-2004-512318, Title: Innovative high power laser system based on polycrystalline Nd:YAG for marking, engraving, cutting and micro-drilling metal surfaces) the process was set up and optimized for the production of a YAG ceramic with 80% transparency, through a selected and proper choice of raw powders. The properties are comparable with the ones measured on YAG monocrystals currently employed as laser radiation sources.
For these applications, polycrystalline ceramics offer advantages: cheaper and faster processing procedure (few days compared to weeks), superior flexibility regarding the use and effects of dopants, possibility to manufacture complex shapes and sandwich-like geometries, formed by superimposition of doped and un-doped pieces. On the basis of the results achieved so far, other projects have been designed, with composition different from YAG and suitable for high temperatures.