Social sciences and humanities, cultural heritage

Research activities


The next three years will see the implementation of the following activities: (i) DSU has been identified as National Contact Point of the European Migration Network (EMN), the international network with the task of providing citizens and institutions with updated information concerning migration and asylum. DSU was chosen among several candidates because of its recognized high organizational standards and homogeneous rooting throughout the country, the latter guarantees the presence of a consolidated network operating at international level thanks to the setting up of an office within the European Commission in Brussels. Since April 2014 and for the next three years, a group of CNR experts will respond to the information needs of the EU institutions and Member States and will help sustain the EU's decision-making process by providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on the relevant topics. (ii) DSU participates as National Contact Point and implementing body for Italy in the framework of HERA JRP "Uses of the Past" program dedicated to the social sciences and humanities which provides co-financing from the European Commission and from national governments participating to the Consortium. The first call was launched in January 2015. (iii) As far as European research infrastructures (RI) and the corresponding RI at national level are concerned, one expects to continue working to strengthen the Italian role within CLARIN ERIC, DARIAH-ERIC and SHARE-ERIC. As regards ESS-ERIC and CESSDA-ERIC, the aim for 2016 is to strengthen the Italian team in order to be ready, as soon as the opportunity arises, to support cash and in-kind contributions for the participation to their respective ERIC. (iv) The activity that DSU is implementing in the fields of digital libraries and open and restricted access to find new forms of digital heritage fruition is of great importance. Alongside the commitment of the new policy orientation in the field of e-publishing, DSU intention is to strengthen cooperation with CNR Edizioni and with CNR S&T Digital Library project for the creation, within CNR, of a digital platform similar to those already available at Max Planck Digital Library ( and OpenEdition ( Collaboration between these two institutions and DSU for the promotion of an open-access European platform is implemented within DARIAH ERIC. In addition, upon ANVUR request, DSU was asked to develop a SSH/CH platform for journals equivalent to Persée-Portail de revues scientifiques en sciences humaines et sociales ( Next step will be for CNR to be given the opportunity to assign the DOI to research products. Ambitious goals that the DSU is pursuing in collaboration with ANVUR and the IEA-Italian Publishers Association. (v) Finally, 2016 will feature a departmental policy aimed at facilitating, promoting and supporting DSU participation to the scientific network of the H2020 call. For this reason, CNR-DSU is strengthening its cooperation with the ARIE-CNR offices located in Rome and Brussels and with APRE. The goal is to fully exploit SSH/CH opportunities.


Mediterranean Migration Studies; Research Infrastructures for Human and Social Sciences; Research Infrastructures for the Heritage Science; Knowledge-supporting Digital Systems: Open Access, Digital Libraries, Digital Preservation; History of ideas and philosophical and scientific terminology; Italian Language: models, textual and lexical archives; Learning Innovation; Law, technology and judicial organization; Rules and institutions of international cooperation; European integration; Regionalism, federalism and autonomy; Innovation and competitiveness within the Italian economy; Euro-Mediterranean economies, institutions and cultures; Population, society, science, culture and globalization; Territory and settlements in Europe and the Mediterranean; Artifacts as historical and material evidence of cultural heritage; Diagnosis, intervention and preservation of cultural heritage; Cognition, communication, language; Enhancement and sustainable use of tangible and intangible cultural heritage; Computational Social Science.