Biology, agriculture and food sciences


General objectives

Research Objectives

o increase of the knowledge within the structural and functional genomic of the organisms of agro-food interest and use of this knowledge for new biotechnological developments, among which the use of a plant/ plant cell for agro-industrial productions;

o molecular, physiological and functional characterization of the genetic resources (plants, animals and microorganisms) of agro-food interest; identification of innovative and functional methodologies for the preservation of the resources;

o achievement and development of new genetic material with improved agronomic characteristics, or tolerant to biotic and abiotic stresses or with an increased nutritional/ nutraceutical value;

o increase of the knowledge for programmes of genetic improvement for animals in zootechnical production;

o planning and development of integrated and ecocompatible techniques in the agro-food productions;

o creation of anticipatory systems for the management of the resources available on the territory in relation to the production and quality of the agriculture and agro-food system;

o identification of new products of interest for the agro-food industry;

o development of processes for the preparation, transformation and packing of the food products;

o study and tune-up of new diagnostic methodologies linked to the food quality, nutritional, nutraceutical value and safety;

o knowledge of the relation between food and health;

o development of the legal regulations related to the food law.

Main collaborations


Summary of expected results