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The CNR scientific network is composed by the Departments, having planning, coordination and control tasks, and by the Institutes, where the research activities are carried out. The main or the entire activities of ten CNR Institutes and part of the activities of other nine CNR Institutes are related to the Agrofood Department. The Department's mission is to contribute to the progress of the scientific and technological knowledge useful for the development and improvement of a sustainable and innovative agro-food system.

As regards the human resources involved in 2006, 582 personnel unities with a permanent contract (among whom 342 researchers) and 162 personnel unities with a temporary contract collaborated to the Department's activities. The CNR involved Institutes are located on the whole national territory.

Noticeably, the approaches and the action fields of the Department's activities do not cover, the whole research panorama in the vast sector of agriculture and food, but are mostly focused on some aspects which are considered the Department's strong points.
They refer to a previous and competitive presence in advanced biological technology sectors , which comprehends also a recent but significant presence in the biosensors field; an ability of functional analysis of the genetic resources and of the productive agro-systems; an ongoing innovation in the diagnostic methodologies aimed at the definition of quality, re-traceability and food safety; competences for the development of physiological and genetic determinants aimed at integrated and eco-compatible techniques in agriculture, aquaculture and zootechnical science; estimation systems for the management of the resources available on the territory.