Biology, agriculture and food sciences


Thematic macroarea


National context

The CNR Agrofood Department, in the context of the Italian and international research, operates with the objective of a widespread and active cooperation with Universities, in a synergistic complementarity of action with other Public Research Bodies and as active part of the Regions' projects. The interaction with the productive world takes place either directly with the job orders developed by the CNR Institutes on the basis of a well-established Know-how and of a strengthened reliability, or through projects having the public sector (MUR, Regions, Foundations) as promoter and co-financial backer of synergistic interventions between public and private sectors.
The contracts, the active agreements and the participations to projects externally financed or co-financed, in which the Department participated were about 350, the Regions and the Ministries, (mainly, MUR and MiPAF) are the main subjects (in economic terms) with which the Department interacts for the co-financed projects. The European Union, the International organizations and the private sector follow in the order. This situation is similar to the one detected in 2005 and also to the one expected for 2007. As a matter of fact, in this three year period the 36-40% of the external funds comes from the Regions, the 35-38% from the Ministries, the 12-19% from the European Union, the 7-11% from private sector. An impulse to the research activities will be given by the approval, within the VII Framework Programme of the European Union, of project proposals presented by researchers who carry out their work in activities afferent to the Department.

International context