Marine and oceanographic facilities

Cnr runs some oceanographic facilities for the study of marine ecosystems and of environment. In addition to the researchers of the Cnr, these facilities are available to the international scientific community and open to public and private subjects

The Cnr uses several oceanographic vessels that have allowed the construction of more than three hundred campaigns in the Mediterranean, gathering important environmental, chemical and geophysical data thanks to the advanced scientific instrumentation they are equipped with. An example is the research conducted on the ‘Dallaporta’ ship and on vessels operating in collaboration with Italian and foreign scientific institutions, and surveys via fixed platforms, which place the Cnr in a leading position in the field of marine research.

Support for the management of these infrastructures, including the planning of oceanographic campaigns, is entrusted to the Operational Programming Office - Central Management Support to Scientific Network and Infrastructure.
The Office also operates as a point of reference for the organization in international organizations: the Cnr, in fact, is a member of the European Marine Board that has the task of defining priorities and strategies for the development of European research on science marine.

Data source: Operational Programming Office - Central Management Support to Scientific Network and Infrastructure

Last update: 23/04/2021