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IUPAC - International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

IUPAC is an international non-governmental organization devoted to the advancement of chemistry. It aims to promote the development of chemistry in the world of chemical sciences and to contribute to the application of chemical sciences at the service of mankind. IUPAC is an association of organizations and national member-organizations representing chemists in many Member States. The status of Associate National Adhering Organization to IUPAC is obtained both by National Adhering Organizations and nations. About 1400 chemists from all over the world are engaged on a voluntary basis in the Union's scientific activities and are divided into a number of committees dealing mainly with the projects, and in eight Divisions.

It is an acknowledged authority that schedules meetings regularly to update the rules regarding the chemical terminology of elements and compounds, through Interdivisional Committee for Terminology and Symbols. It is also a member of the International Council for Science (ICSU). IUPAC was created in 1919 by chemists from industry and academia and in all these years it has been able to promote communications on a global scale on chemical sciences and to unite in a common language chemists from academic, industrial and public sectors. IUPAC has long been recognized as the world authority on chemical nomenclature, terminology, standardization of the atomic weights of the elements and many other data, subject to critical evaluation.

The Union continues to sponsor major international meetings that range from specialized scientific symposia to meetings having social impact as CHEMRAWM (Chemical Research Applied to World Needs). During the Cold War, IUPAC became an important tool for keeping alive the dialogue between scientists around the world.

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