Institute of nanoscience (NANO)

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Dott.ssa Lucia Sorba Dirigente di Ricerca CNR

Phone number: +39 050 509118


c/o Scuola Normale Superiore
Piazza San Silvestro 12 - 56127 Pisa (PI)
Phone number: +390592058374
Fax: +39059374794


The Institute of Nanoscience consists of two centers: NEST in Pisa, ECMT and S3 in Modena. The primary mission of the Institute is the fundamental study and the manipulation of systems at the nanometer scale.
The research activities of the institute include the synthesis and the fabrication of nanostructures and devices, the experimental and computational-theoretical study of their properties and functionality, and of their interfaces with the meso and microscopic scale, and their integration in complex functional systems. The acquired knowledge is used to elaborate multidisciplinary applications in several fields, in particular energy and atmosphere, nano(bio)technologies, nano-medicine, also through the development of technologies and prototypes of industrial interest, and, in some fields, of pre-production.
The Institute contributes also to the communication and the education in the Nanoscience.The main peculiarity the Institute is the presence of an elevated number of research infrastructure at high technological level and the presence of a critical mass of research activities in the framework of Horizon 2020 program. The Institute also carries out a wide range of activities of communication, promotion, and education in the Nanoscience area.

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