Institute for superconductors, oxides and other innovative materials and devices (SPIN)


SPIN Institute carries out research in the field of advanced superconducting materials and other innovative materials for electronic devices for energy applications.

The Institute develops basic experimental and theoretical studies of high-level in these areas, with particular attention to the synthesis of new materials, including artificial and advanced characterization of these materials with atomic-scale control.

Another important feature of SPIN is the development of micro-and nano-electronic devices for superconducting quantum computing and other applications and innovative devices based on oxides and on organic materials and nanostructured materials.
Finally, the Institute carries out important activities on the development of superconducting tapes and wires for power applications in the field of biomedical and high-energy physics.

The Institute Head Office is in Genoa and it has Research Groups (UOS) Operating in Naples, Salerno and L'Aquila.
The research staff of the Institute is composed by 57 Researchers/Technologists and about 100 associate researchers from universities. Supporting research is secured by 8 technicians and an administrative staff of 10 units of personnel.

The Institute has a strong position in research initiatives at European level, with a significant participation in initiatives and collaborations with major research centers and Universities in USA and Japan and whith national and international companies.