Institute for superconductors, oxides and other innovative materials and devices (SPIN)

Research activities

SPIN mission is the study of superconductors and other innovative materials for electronic devices and for energetics.
The research activities span over :

- Basic experimental and theoretical studies on superconducting and magnetic materials, strongly correlate oxides and other innovative materials
- Material preparation (bulk, single crystals, thin films, multilayers, epitaxial superlattice)
- Advanced material characterization based on radiation-matter interactions (also at Syncrotron Radiation Facilities), transport and electronic properties measurements also in
presence of high external fields.
- Micro/nano superconducting electronic devices (for quantum computation and other applications), electronic devices based on oxides ("oxide electronics") and other innovative
- Realization of superconducting cables and tapes for power applications in the fields of biomedicine and high energy physics

SPIN research activity is organized into six "Activities" :

Novel superconducting and functional materials for energy and environment
(Activity leader: Emilio Bellingeri)
Superconducting and correlated low dimensional materials and devices for quantum electronics and spintronic
(Activity leader: marco Salluzzo)
Innovative materials with strong interplay of spin orbital charge and topological degrees of freedom
(Activity leader: Silvia Picozzi)
Light-matter interaction and non-equilibrium dynamics in advanced materials and devices
(Activity leader: Alberto Porzio)
Advanced materials and techniques for organic electronics, biomedical and sensing applications
(Activity leader: Mario Barra)
Electronic and thermal transport from the nanoscale to the macroscale
(Activity leader: Giovanni Cantele)