Institute for educational technology (ITD)


Education and training activities

ITD carries out education and training activities through a variety of ways. Current tools used include grants, university courses teaching activities, research doctorates, degree theses, pre-degree and post-degree training.
The institute delivers a high number of courses and organizes workshops and dissemination initiatives oriented to teacher training and lifelong learning, both on-site and online. Most activities are related to research work carried out by the institute. In fact, much of this work consists of field experimentations and transfer with a high educational content.
The major commitments of the institute are listed below.

ITD researchers are involved in:
Teachers' board of the Doctorate school of Language, Cognition and Education Science of Ca' Foscari University at Venezia, Italy
Teachers' board of the Doctorate school of ICT for Human and Social Sciences at University of Genova , Italy

The institute, along with the Faculty of Languages at Genova University, Italy, Twente University, The Netherlands, implemented a European doctorate course on Narrative Learning Environments within the doctoral school of the Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence. The course was attended by eighteen students from six different European countries. Students earned 5 credits and six researchers from four European institutions (ITD CNR, IT; INESC-ID, PT; University of Twente, NL; Université de Liège, B) participated as tutors or experts.
On the grounds of a specific agreement and since 1999, the institute has been delivering a course on educational technology; since 2001 on methodology and remedy teaching, since 2002 on developmental psychology at the SSIS (post-graduate school for secondary teaching) of Liguria Region.

At SSIS of the Veneto Region the educational technology course is designed and delivered by ITD researchers.

Thanks to CARIGE Foundation (banking sector) funding, in 2006 the institute designed, implemented and managed, until one year ago, a center for teacher training on educational technology (LabTD) which soon became a reference point for the whole district. The centre offers very advanced technological solutions and its flexibility allows the design of a large variety of teaching and training initiatives. Currently ITD supplies scientific counselling.