Institute for educational technology (ITD)


Facilities and Infrastructures
Pilot Centre for teacher training in the field of Educational technology, it is a versatile modern infrastructure consisting of 11 workstation and 40 mobile laptops, wireless connection and high
definition projection facilities. It hosts workshops and seminars as well as specific working groups meetings and collaborative activities.

2) Laboratorio Territoriale di Educazione Ambientale R. Sanna
A centre equipped with competences and resources (library, computer lab, etc.), realized by ITD and now managed by the local authorities. The centre promotes and carries out educational and
information activities and projects in the field of environmental education.

3) Computer Lab Genova
Computer lab aimed at carrying out experimental activities with students; 20 workstations are available, it is mostly used for carrying out experimental activities with entire classrooms.

4) TD-Gallery
A "germ of an idea" of technological museum documenting the different pieces of "mechanical objects" -hardware and software - that have been used in the years starting from the very first years of Educational Technology in Italy. This infrastructure is now hosted in the ITD hall and provides an important viewpoint for looking at the story and the development of Educational Technology techniques in Italy.

A seminar room fully equipped with facilities for hosting meetings and workshops, as well as small conferences. Places for simultaneous translation are also foreseen. It is used mainly by ITD research teams.

6) Satellite KIT
It is composed of an Out Door Unit (67 cm Ka-band) and a Satellite Modem or InDoor Unit (Ethernet 10/100 mbps). It is a prototype hardware and software system developed by the consortium of the STEEL Project (Systems, Technologies and methods for e-Learning). It allows any PC within the ITD Local Area Network to connect to the CNIT network and become a node of the STEEL multimedia mobile e-learning system.

7) Polo Scientifico e Tecnologico per la Didattica e l'Alta Formazione
Center for experimenting and transferring new technologies and for the design and development of new environments for distance learning. It consists of a technological infrastructure shared by CNR,
universities and enterprises, aimed at designing and implementing on line learning activities for university and post graduate training courses. It was originally funded by the Ministry of Research and Instruction, in the framework of the measure "Innovative systems to support learning processes and the development of knowledge".

Libraries and databases
1) ITD-Library
Library containing about 2000 volumes relevant for supporting research in the field of Educational Technology. An historical section is available. The library is mainly used by ITD staff, for research
purposes. Catalogue available online at
where a catalogue of online reviews i salso avaiulable as well as one concerning paper editions.

2) BSD Biblioteca del Software Didattico
Software library open to general public and mostly used by teachers and educators but also by university students preparing their degree and/or master degree. It contains over 4500 educational products and 10 workstations for supporting software viewing. Experts' assistance is also provided.

Database of Educational Software products regarding a wide variety of curricular subjects and oriented to all school levels. Free access on the net through a made on purpose query interface. The database was formerly financed by the Italian Ministry of Education and it is mostly used by in-service and prospective teachers (from Postgraduate Schools for Secondary Teaching) for information/training purposes In 2008 the site has been by 25.000 visitors.

Structured Database containing infos on over 1300 Open Source software, it is distributed on CD & DVD and also downloadable from the net; a specific interface for advanced queries is available.

5) ASD
Online Database containing about 50 educational itineraries in a number of different disciplines and specifically oriented to support inclusive practices. The research project was originally financed by the Italian Ministry of Education.

6) URP-CNR Percorsi tematici
Online Database containing structured infos on a variety of research projects carried out by CNR institutes in different fields; it allows the exploitation and the usability of research results. The Database contents are accessible in Hypertext modality. It has been carried out in conjunction with URP-CNR, for dissemination purposes.

Data base containing reference to examples of about 100 classroom experiences in the field of the educational use of ICT, (educational software in particular) the Database can be freely accessed from the ESSEDIQUADRO site and it is mainly devoted to in-service teachers' use.

8) Pedagogical Plan Manager
Data base of 50 educational plans in the mathematics field, made on purpose in the frame work of the ReMATH European project. Accessible through the net, its use is intended mainly for researchers in the field of Mathematics education at European level.

9) FONS- Fonti Normative Siciliane
Developed in the framework of an agreement among the Commissario dello Stato per la Regione Siciliana, Regione Siciliana- University of Palermo - and other Institutions. It consists of an online
service allowing the collection and management of Sicilian laws. ITD has contributed to the design and implementation of the knowledge system aimed at supportino the study and analysis of Sicilian laws. The system is open to citizens and it has had million of accesses.