Institute of biomedical technologies (ITB)


Many competences have been acquired in different fields, such as genetic engineering, molecular biology, Bioinformatics, molecular oncology, functional genomics and human genetics. New technologies for nucleic acid sequencing, bioinformatics and creation of databases have be recently developed.

Concerning proteomics ITB-CNR has built an integrated facility for proteomics. The main objective of this group is to cover the different aspects involved in the proteome studies and propose itself as reserach partner in new projects where it is necessary to study the protein profiles and determining marker/target proteins for diseases or characterization of samples.
In particular, this unit is involved in the development and application to actual biological samples an original approach based on 2-dimensional mHPLC coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (2DC-MS/MS) for obtaining protein profiles without gel-electrophoresis. 2DC-MS/MS combines ion exchange with reversed-phase separation of peptide mixtures obtained from direct digestion of total (or pre-fractioned) proteins.