Institute for international legal studies (ISGI)


ISGI carries out training activities allowing university students and young graduates to participate in research activities and to learn the related methodology, under the guidance of the Institute's researchers.

Numerous training internships are carried out in collaboration with other institutions, along with teaching activities provided by the Institute's researchers in the context of university and post-graduate courses.

The Institute joins up the Sapienza University of Rome within the II level Master "International Human Rights Protection", for teaching activities in the annual Master Course and for the realization of curricular internships at ISGI.

ISGI also collaborates with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the Italian Society for International Organization (SIOI) within the Master in "Space Institutions and Policies" (since 2009). It carries out training activities in collaboration with other scientific bodies, as it is the National Point of Contact (NPOC) of the European Space Agency (ESA)'s European Centre of Space Law (ECSL), engaged vwith promoting the development and increasing the knowledge of space activities.

Between 2007 and 2011, ISGI organized, together with the SIOI, the second level Master in "Environmental Law: norms, institutions, implementing practices", sponsored by: Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection, Department for European Policies-Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Municipality of Rome, UNRIC, Legambiente, Federparchi, RISL MopAmbiente, WWF.