Institute of information science and technologies "Alessandro Faedo" (ISTI)

Research activities


The research activity at ISTI can be categorized into six main Thematic Areas and thirteen Research Laboratories. The Research Laboratories are a distinctive element of ISTI, characterized by their dynamic and evolving nature, each led by a laboratory manager. The selection of the laboratory manager is made through a bottom-up process, involving the laboratory staff under the supervision of the Institute's Director.

Each Research Laboratory autonomously defines its scientific vision, sets research objectives, and plays a crucial role in seeking external funding and participating in competitive calls. Additionally, the laboratories focus on technological development, knowledge transfer, and training. The staff of the research laboratories includes researchers, technologists, administrative personnel, as well as external collaborators, research fellows, thesis students, doctoral students, and post-docs.

The research laboratories, with an average critical mass of 10-20 individuals, operate with a high degree of autonomy, and their outcomes undergo periodic evaluation.

The Thematic Areas (TAs) and research laboratories at ISTI are as follows:

TA Networking
o Wireless networks (Head Paolo Barsocchi)

TA Software
o Software Engineering and Dependable Computing (Head Felicita Di Giandomenico)
o Formal Methods and Tools(Head Maurice ter Beek)
o System and Software Evaluation (Head Giuseppe Lami)

TA Knowledge
o Human Interfaces in Information Systems (Head Fabio Paternò)
o The Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (Head Mirco Nanni)
o Infrastructures for Science (Head Donatella castelli)
o Artificial Intelligence for Media and Humanities (Head Giuseppe Amato)

TA High Performance Computing
o High Performance Computing (Head Raffaele Perego)

TA Visual
o Signals and Images (Head Davide Moroni)
o Visual Computing (Head Paolo Cignoni)

TA Flight and Structural Mechanics
o Mechanics of Materials and Structures (Head Cristina Padovani)
o Space Flight Dynamics (Head Carmen Pardini)

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