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Dr. PAOLO MAZZETTI Direttore f.f. dal 01/03/2024

Phone number: +39 06 90672694


c/o Area della Ricerca di Roma1
Strada Provinciale 35d n. 9 - 00010 Montelibretti (RM)
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The Italian National Research Council's Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research undertakes research and development activities in the following thematic areas (Presidential provision n. 26 Prot.n. 0021832 of 15/04/2013):

- Air pollution in urban and industrial areas;
- Industrial pollution and environmentally sensitive areas;
- Analytical technology and methodology development for laboratory and platform based characterization of air quality and sustainability;
- Polar regions;
- Atmospheric pollutant cycles and global climate change influences;
- Observation systems and networks for air pollution in support of European directives and international conventions;
- Development of systems and technologies for geospatial data sharing and interoperability;

The Institute is home to the National Reference Centre for Mercury (CRNM) ( which represents Italy within the framework of the International Convention on Mercury which is currently in the approval phase under the auspices of UNEP (Provvedimenti n.78796 del 20/12/2012; n.38481, 28/06/2013).

The activity of the Institute is predominantly focused on projects and programs with international, European and national relevance.

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