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Dr. FRANCESCO PETRACCHINI Direttore dal 01/03/20

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Dr. Angelo Cecinato was graduated in Chemistry at Sapienza University (Rome, Italy) in 1976 with the maximum score "110 cum laude". He obtained a grant from CNR-IIA in 1977, where it began Researcher in 1977. Through national selection, he began Senior Research in 1998 and Director of Research in 2002. Nowadays (starting from 1st July, 2018) he is Director of CNR-IIA.
His scientific activity and production (comprising 147 ISI papers and 19 monographs of books) deals with air pollution or air chemistry, with a special concern for organic toxicants both in particulate and vapour phase. Besides regulated pollutants, his focuses are on emerging contaminants including endocrine disruptors, psychotropic substances, carbonyls and pharmaceuticals, indoor pollution and links between environmental pollution and health.