Institute of molecular biology and pathology (IBPM)



Phone number: +39 06-49910761


Research Director at the CNR Institute of Molecular Biology and Pathology (IBPM), academician of Accademia Medica di Roma, visiting professor at the Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica e Biologica (ITQB) of the New University of Lisbon, in charge in the MSc programme in Farmacy at Sapienza University ("Molecular Biology" course) and member of the teaching board in the PhD School in Biochemistry. His research activity, mainly carried out within the framework of International collaborations and combining biochemical, molecular biology and biophysical techniques, aims at elucidating the structure-function relationships, molecular evolution and regulation of microbial and human enzymes, investigated as isolated or in their physiological cellular context. The research aims at unveiling the molecular mechanisms underlying the metabolism of molecular oxygen (O2), nitrogen monoxide (NO), hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and related reactive species, with the ultimate goal of understanding the role played by these molecules in human physiology and pathophysiology. The research focuses on enzymes able to metabolize O2, NO and related species, as well as on the effects of NO on cellular bioenergetics. More recently, investigations have focused on hydrogen sulphide (H2S), another small gaseous molecule with a key role in cell signalling, and in particular on the regulation of H2S metabolism in humans and its implications in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.