Institute of biophysics (IBF)


Service contracts and/or professional research services were performed in 2011-2014 in the fields of Health, Life Sciences and the Environment, such as for instance:
Service contract performed by IBF-Milan for Rottapharm Biotech srl (SME) on biophysical characterization of proteins
Service contract performed by IBF-Pisa for Biospire Srl (SME) for the implementation of an industrial scale indoor system of algal culture
Service contract performed by IBF-Pisa for Roquette/F.&M. (SME) for automatic monitoring, maintenance and control of a microalgal culture
Service contract performed by IBF-PA and Palermo University for Merck Serono on Biodegradable, injectable in situ forming hydrogels for sustained release of a growth factor

Computer-science services including development of interactive web-based systems and sites are also occasionally provided by IBF-Genoa. Science dissemination services have been offered both by scientists and technical staff to the Science Festival held in Genoa every year.