Institute of biophysics (IBF)


Scientific expertise in:

membrane transport, mechanobiology, neurotoxicity assays, use of plant vacuoles for heterologous expression, molecular aggregation, gelification, serpinopathies, chaperones, amyloid aggregation, models of neuronal networks, biological signal analysis, mathematical physics, membrane transport in animals and viruses, pharmacology and protein crystallography, mechanisms of photosynthesis and transcriptional regulation in Arabidopsis , photoreception, spectroscopy of biomolecules, proteomic studies, natural products to inhibit tumor growth , algal photoreception, immune-modulating effects of beta-glucane, optogenetics, pore forming peptides, polyribosomes, novel fluorescent sensors, quantitative Cl sensors, carbon cycle in the sea, coastal altimetry, markers of biotic stress, phytodecontamination, dissolved organic matter