Results of the Share.TEC project

Share.TEC, the European project coordinated by ITD-CNR (Genova), is currently nearing conclusion. The project has yielded significant results for the adoption of innovative technologies in Teacher Education (TE ) processes. These outcomes impact both on Initial Teacher Education and on more informal processes of self-guided in-service training. Technology-driven innovation in TE is conducive to the development of transnational, multilingual and multicultural approaches capable of overcoming barriers to collaboration and resource sharing at European level. On this basis, the project has sought to provide tools and services that facilitate access to TE digital resources, along with the exchange of experiences, best practices, and methods developed and tested by practitioners themselves. The main projects results include:

  • A portal (
    with services that support search, sharing and reuse of digital resources, as well as communication with other users and user groups. These services are enhanced with recommendation capabilities based on specially designed quantitative/qualitative metrics that take account of user evaluations;

  • A range of services for describing and sharing resources using a metadata profile (see below) and a standards-based protocol for aggregating metadata from external repositories;

  • An ontology (TEO) that describes key aspects of Teacher Education and the competencies required of those involved in the field. TEO is effectively a semantic layer underpinning the project's applications and services. It allows personalisation of the system to meet individual user needs, and permits explicit representation of the cultural and organisational contexts related to the various professional profiles.

  • A metadata profile for describing resources (Common Metadata Model or CMM). This extends the LOM standard, allowing for description of the pedagogical dimension. The CMM has specialised versions (MMM) in different languages encompassing six different national sectors: Bulgarian, Dutch, English/Irish, Italian, Spanish, Swedish.

  • An aggregated corpus of around 60,000 metadata records related to both commercial and no-cost resources from consortium partners. Quality indicators have been adopted for expressing the richness of the records' metadata information.

  • A community of over 300 users operating at national and European level who engage in a series of activities, events and workgroups with the aim of promoting and disseminating project outcomes.

The results of the project are reported in a number of scientific papers accessible from the project website at