Mathemiamo: Online learning paths for the comprehension of mathematical problem solving texts

The Mathemiamo project, carried out by the Institute for Educational Technologies of the National Research Council as part of the CORFAD Project, aims to improve the process of translating the texts of maths problems with respect to two main aspects; the linguistic aspect, that is the comprehension of the meaning of expressions used in maths problems, and the semantic aspect, which regards the ability to infer the implications of a particular expression.

Mathemiamo can be used both by teachers who want to create specific online didactic paths regarding this topic, and by primary school pupils.

The implementation of the Mathemiamo system has developed from previous studies in which the focus of interest regarded the cognitive components involved in problem solving.

Starting from the consideration that a lot of software addresses problem solving in general and that inadequate comprehension of the text of problems is one of the main causes of failure in this field, online multimedial didactic paths in the form of a game were designed to improve this skill.

The software consists of two parts; one is introductory and has a predominantly play dimension, while the second has a predominantly mathematical dimension which focuses on text comprehension.

Antonella Chifari, Simona Ottaviano, Manuel Gentile, Davide Taibi
e-mail: mathemiamo(AT)