ITC Web Site on the legislative aspects of construction in the Health Sector

The principal reason behind our decision to create a web site on the legislative aspects of the construction industry in the Health sector, is due to the necessity of experts to have a source easily available for consultation in an area under continual change affecting new and revised standards and complex legislation.
Over the last 20 years all standards and regulation affecting the construction industry in the Health sector, particularly that of hospital construction, have undergone continual change especially in layout design both from a safety and ergonomic point of view.
The web site contains more than a hundred standards legislation and regulation dating from the beginning of the 20th century.
Integrated tests were utilized to guarantee a client friendly approach to the management and retrieval of standards and their revisions.
A large quantity of standards are also available in the safety, quality, public works and architectural barriers, areas of particular topical interest.
The standards legislation available are for the most part current and updated, while from a historical interest point of view some standards and laws out of date have been included.
In order view our web site two research modes can be used:
- chronological
- per sector
Chronological research allows you access to the laws regulations and standards if you know their details, while with per sector research one can enter directly in the areas of: health construction programs, type of health care structures, design and management and legal building requirements.