The availability of new and low cost technologies has permitted to
activate new applications and services in the domestic environment
(domotics is the application of computer science in the house) in order
to improve the quality of life. This improvement is obtained emphasizing:
- comfort;
- security and protection;
- energy saving;
- increasing of the autonomy of elderly / disabled persons;
- remote access to external services;
- domestic entertainment.
For the improvement of the domotics field, it is needed some more
research engagement on different thematic areas like the
standardization, the interoperability of different used technologies,
the development of easy and intuitive interfaces, etc.
The "Domotics" and "Human-Machine Interface" laboratories of ISTI had tweaked software methodologies for interoperability among different
domotic technologies and for the automatic migration
of user interfaces in order to make more effective the exploitation of
the domotic resources and more powerful and efficient the interaction amongst user and home devices.