PETRA Project: Personal Transport Advisor: an integrated platform of mobility patterns for Smart Cities to enable demand-adaptive transportation systems

The objective of the PETRA project is to develop a service platform that connects providers & controllers
of city transport with the travellers in a new way.
Cities get an integrated platform to enable the provision of citizen-centric, demand-adaptive city-wide
transportation services. Travellers get mobile applications that facilitate them in making travel priorities
and choices for route and modality.
The result of the project is a city-wide transportation system comprised of several sub-systems that
involve transportation services and policies to be adaptive to the travel demand of the citizens. To
achieve this, the platform:
(i) fuses different data from various city sources, travel operators and citizens;
(ii) performs a broad class of data analytics, including the detection of real-time events, the discovery of
mobility patterns and the inference of predictive models;
(iii) provides information to the transportation service management and city stakeholders to optimize the
transportation offerings according to the citizens' interests.
The project includes a careful attention to the governance aspects on how to handle the public vs. private
and privacy issues of connecting travellers, cities and transport providers through the PETRA platform.
Three cities with very different features played the role of case studies and instantiations of the platform,
providing an evaluation of the platform and the potential of the implemented tools and services on each
+ Rome: case study focused on transport and vehicular traffic for residents, including as special event the
1-year Jubilee, from Dec 8th, 2015.
+ Venice: characterized by touristic flows, focused on pedestrian movement and crowd management
+ Haifa: characterized by dense traffic in a small area, focused on access to specific events
The consortium:
Scientific/ICT partners:
+ KTH Stockholm, Project coordinator: Mobility simulation technologies, Gaming environments
+ IBM Ireland: Journey planning systems with uncertainty, Data management platforms
+ CNR Pisa: Mobility data analysis, Privacy risk assessment and mitigation
City mobility administrations:
+ Rome: Roma Servizi per la Mobilità
+ Venice: Azienda Veneziana Della Mobilità
+ Haifa: City of Haifa - Traffic department, Technion
+ TUD Delft
PETRA web page:
Mirco Nanni, ISTI-CNR