Hydraulic Mortars based on lime and metakaolin

The development of hydraulic mortars by using as binder slaked lime, historic material, and natural hydraulic lime, that, at the present time, is the most lime typology used in the restoration and building fields. Metakaolin is obtained by calcinating at 650°C a commercial kaolin and it is used as pozzolanic admixture.
Our study is focalised on the realisation of: 1) injection mortars for consolidation or re-adhesion systems previously disconnected or detached; 2)structural mortars that means bedding mortars, pointing mortars, repair mortars, palstering and other.
We use lime and metakaolin because they are materials compatible in terms of chemical - physical and historical characteristics with archaeological-historical and artistic artefacts.
In addition the use of slaked lime would favour the recovery of the ancient production techniques that now is going lost. Lime and metakaolin are excellent materials to be used in the restoration field because they are ecological (low calcination temperature) and non-poisonous (no chemical additives). They can be also used in the field of green building.