Synthesis of nanopowders and nanolubricants for energetics and tribological applications

Besides the process technologies used, the successful production of high efficient ceramics is strictly related to the chemical-physical characteristics of the starting powders. For this objective, ISTEC has implemented conventional synthesis method applying innovative heating systems (i.e. microwaves, infrared) for the production of ceria-based powders with high chemical-physical reactivity and high purity and morphological control (in Figure). These systems have been exploited for catalytic applications and as high-efficient electrolytic powders for SOFC/SOEC applications.
For the production of lubrication fluids, ISTEC has developed an innovative single step synthesis method to obtain apolar high performant and stable products.
The incorporation of either metallic- and oxide-based nanoparticles allows the improvement of several properties of conventional fluids, as the friction coefficient, the wear resistance, the loading capacity, the resistance at high pressures, overcoming sedimentation phenomena typical of suspensions produced with micro- or millimetre particles.