Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Photovoltaic solar cell are used to convert solar light into electricity. In 1991 O'Regan and Graetzel realized a prototypes solar cell with good efficiency with materials at low-cost in respect to silicon solar cell. DSSC (Dye Sensitized Solar Cell) are made of multilayer materials with selected band gap that allow photon adsorption and electron injection in the conduction band of the anodic material to produce electric energy. The Materials and process for energy applications group of ISTEC-CNR focus its work on the optimization of photovoltaic solar cell based on conductive polymers. In this study, ISTEC is mainly involved in the realization and optimization of the TiO2 made by screen printing and glass ceramic sealing layers. The topic more directly related to organic materials such as organic conductive polymers is realized in collaboration with the Institute of Industrial Chemistry of the University of Bologna. The solar cell prototype is ideated in view of its industrial production, for this the selection of materials and processing are directed toward the minimization of time production and costs.