IGM remember Dario Fo

On October 13th, Dario Fo, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1997, died. Others may better illustrate his absolutely original and innovative contributions in the literature and in the performing and visual arts, as well as his passionate commitment to social issues. On our side, we would like to remember the enthusiastic support that he and his wife Franca dedicated to our scientific research, in particular to the project stemming from a collaboration between Giovanni Maga in our Institute and Maurizio Botta at the University of Siena, aimed at developing a new strategy to combat major viral infections such as HIV and Hepatitis C. Franca Rame already in 2009 had financed for three years a researcher in the laboratory of Giovanni Maga, to support the development of new anti-HIV molecules. When, this year, we have published the latest results of this research, that hinted to the possibility of having a tool for fighting multiple viral infections with a single agent, Dario Fo invited the researchers involved at his home and wanted to produce two videos, which were then spread on social networks, to support our work. Thanks to his intervention, even RAI decided to showcase our research in the transmission Elisir.
We were very impressed by Dario Fo's and his son Jacopo's great helpfulness, by the foresight with which Dario immediately grasped the most innovative features and possible outcomes of our research, but above all by the extraordinary humanity with which this Nobel Prize winner was able to get immediately in touch with people. With generosity, great intelligence and in his own inimitable way to convey information, Dario Fo has not only given us a visibility that otherwise we would never have achieved, but above all he has taught us a great lesson of civility and social commitment. It was an honor to know him and Franca Rame and it is with great sadness that we now contemplate the great void that both have left. Thanks Franca. Thanks Dario.