Search for new immunomodulatory and anticancer substances from the sea and their pharmaceutical development

The search for new vaccines and new anticancer drugs from marine sources (ADViSE) aims to provide a new perspective of innovation in drug discovery processes for the fight against oncological diseases [lung cancer, melanoma and multiple myeloma] through both development of models of anticancer vaccines based on a new molecular adjuvant called SULFAVANT (synthetic sulfoglycolipid inspired by natural molecules from marine micro-organisms), of which preclinical development is already at an advanced stage, and the identification of new chemotherapeutic molecules also provided with immunomodulatory activity of marine origin based on the example of natural marine products drugs (Trabectidin® and Halaven®) for the fight against cancer and of our previous experience regarding the drug Zalypsis® currently in the clinical phase 2 for the FDA and the EMA as a chemotherapeutic for the treatment of several solid and hematological cancers. Pivotal is the preclinical development of new chemotherapeutic agents with immunomodulatory action, based on the principle of combining the two actions using a validation selection platform of oncological drug discovery that in the past, in a less systemic and evolved form, has proven its effectiveness in selecting chemotherapeutic candidates from natural marine products. One of the main objectives of recent years has been and will be the realization of the preclinical phase and the entry into clinical Phase I of the molecular adjuvant SULFAVANT, which is able to selectively and potently stimulate dendritic cells, the main effectors of the innate immune system and to promote a strong protective and prophylactic effect, with no apparent toxic effects, in an anticancer vaccine tested in human melanoma models. Moreover, the preclinic validation of anticancer vaccines with recombinant antigens based on a less aggressive mechanism of action than those used in the past but also of those whose experimentation is in progress in recent years will be a further objective.