Development of codominant and functional molecular markers in Juglans spp.

The goal is to identify functional molecular markers for the early selection of plants tolerant to biotic stress. The researches are carried out on Juglans spp. and foresee the genetic characterization of a "mixed" population of plants J.regia, J.nigrae the identification of any interspecific hybrids using dominant molecular markers (RAPD, ISSR and nuclear microsatellitism (SSR) codominati.Also we will conduct the analysis of half-sib families from free pollination of J. nigra parent plants, nuclear microsatellite markers will be used for genotype fingerprinting, maternity analysis of half-sib families to establish the exact attribution of progeny to mother plants, paternity analysis of hybrids interspecifics identified to estimate the reproductive success of the male parental putative J. regia.The half-sib progeny and the parental (cloned) will be subjected to stress (infection with Gnomonia leptostila, responsible for Anthracnosis) in the field and under controlled conditions and will be classified with classical methods: on the same plants, in collaboration with the Univ. of Wageningen, will be put to pun to the NBS (nucleotide binding size) profiling