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Title: Full Professor

Affiliation: ICTP Trieste

Specialization: Quantum transport in nano-devices; Solid state quantum information; Josephson nano-circuits;Non-equilibrium dynamics of strongly correlated systems;Quantum information & many-body systems Cavity-QED arrays;Superconducting NEMS and opto-mechanical systems

The research activity of the last ten years has been characterized by different research lines in the fields of condensed matter, quantum information and quantum statistical mechanics.
The most exciting aspect of this period has been the work done at the interface between these areas of research which have been considered originally distant. Other problems on which he worked are non-equilibrium dynamics of many-body systems and coupled QED arrays. In addition he has been working on equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of optical lattices (e.g. Mott-superfluid transition in spinor condensate, dissipative quantum phase transitions, spind drag,... ), quantum transport in nanostructures (quantum pumping, hybrid nanostructures, transport through quantum dots and quantum wires), and solid state quantum information (superconducting qubits, decoherence, optimal quantum control).


Title: Researcher

Affiliation: CNR - ISM

Specialization: New materials: oxides, alloys, composite, organic-inorganic hybrid, nanoparticles theoretical and computational chemistry

L'attività di ricerca è principalmente dedicata allo studio con metodi ab initio delle proprietà chimiche e fisiche diinterfacce e materiali inorganici e ibridi organico/inorganico, sianell'ambito della realizzazione di dispositivi fotovoltaici/fotosintetici (partecipazione a progetto MEF e progetto premiale MIUR "Energia da Fonti Rinnovabili" (EFOR), sia nell'ambito dellarealizzazione di dispositivi optoelettronici a semiconduttoreorganico (partecipazione come responsabile di unità CNR al progetto premiale MIUR "Elettronica Organica per Strumentazione innovativa di ricerca" (EOS) ed al progetto PRIN 2017 "Boostingsustainability in plastic electronics: the key role of functionalsurfactants as reaction medium and dispersing agents" (BOOSTER), che nell'ambito della valorizzazione dei materialiibridi di scarto composti da fasi inorganiche disperse in polimeri per loro riuso nell'industria automobilistica (partecipazione al progetto "RICIRCOLA"). Tutte le attività di ricerca di questi ultimi anni hanno prodotto pubblicazioni su riviste internazionali, consolidando la sua reputazione internazionale nel campo del modelling con metodi ab initio delle proprietà chimiche e fisiche di materiali inorganici ed ibridi organico-inorganico usati in molteplici ambiti di applicazione tecnologica.


Title: Researcher

Affiliation: CNR - IBF

Specialization: Ion channels in neurodegenerative disease; Bio-hybrid interfaces to study neuromorphic functionalities; Visual and non-visual photoreceptors; Host-Pathogen Interaction

In 1988 he got the degree in Biological Sciences at University of Pisa and in 1991 he got a CNR-MISM Fellowship in Biophysics at ICIB-CNR in Arco Felice, Naples. From 1994 he got a position at CNR as a Researcher TD. Since 2016 he is Advisory Editor of the journal "Biophysical Chemistry" Elsevier and since 2011 he is Associate Editor of the journal "Photochemistry and Photobiology" Wiley: From 2012 till 2016 he is President of SIBPA - Italian Society of Pure and Applied Biophysics. Since 2010 he is Appointed Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Society for Photobiology (ESP).
His main expertize includes: Biophysics of Neural and Sensory Systems; Ionic Channels; Sensory photobiology; optogenetics; Neurobiology; Bio-hybrid systems; Cell models of neurodegenerative diseases


Title: Director of research

Affiliation: CNR - NANO

Specialization: - Terahertz Quantum cascade lasers: design and applications - Terahertz Nanodetectors - Graphene and 2D material: nanophotonics and nanoelectronics - THz near field optics - Terahertz Metrology - High resolution spectroscopy and imaging

Miriam Serena Vitiello received the Master degree in Physics (cum laude) in 2001 and the PhD Degree in Physics in 2006 from University of Bari.

From 2006 to 2008 she was a Post-Doctoral Research assistant at the University of Bari. From October 2008 to January 2010 she was researcher at CNR-INFM LIT3 in Bari.
Since 2010 she is staff research scientist at the NEST Laboratory - CNR-Nanoscience Institute.
Since 2015 she is Contract Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at Scuola Normale Superiore.

She was visiting scientist for short research stages at the Technical University of Delft (April 2004, December 2004), at the Universität of Munchen (July 2004) and at the University of Paris VII (2006).

Dr. Vitiello coordinates the activities of Terahertz Photonics at CNR-NANO NEST and she is a member of the scientific committee of more than 40 international conferences in the field of photonic devices.

She is co-author of more than 150 refereed papers on international journals, holds 1 patent and delivered more than 70 invited talks at international conferences and more than 30 lectures at International Universities.

She is the recipient of the, Guido Dorso Research prize 2016, the SPIE 2015 Early Career Award, the "Sergio Panizza" award of the Italian Physical Society (2012). For her scientific research Miriam Vitiello has been granted an International Scientific Author Award (USA, 2005) and two National Young Author Award (2004,2005)


Title: Director of research

Affiliation: CNR - IFN

Specialization: Ultrashort light pulse generation and applications to the study of ultrafast phenomena in the matter; Mid-IR Laboratory for Strong-Field Physics;Ultrafast Molecular Imaging

Caterina currently leads the Ultrafast Molecular Imaging group ( at the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnologies of the Italian National research Council. She obtained my PhD in Physics from Università degli Studi di Milano in 2005. Hired as a Research Officer by CNR-IFN in 2009, she was promoted Senior Researcher in 2010. In 2010 she spent a year as a visiting scientist in the group of Prof. Paul Corkum at the Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences of the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa.
Her research interests focuse on atomic and molecular physics, and in particular on the physics and applications of high-order harmonic generation in noble gases, molecules and clusters, in the generation and characterization of isolated attosecond pulses, in high-order harmonic spectroscopy and in the development of high energy parametric sources for strong field applications. In particular, her contribution in High-order Harmonic Spectroscopy and Attosecond Science and in the development of high-energy IR parametric source with passive carrier-envelope phase stabilization for strong field application is recognized worldwide.
She published more than 80 regular articles on peer-reviewed international journals, including Science, Nature Physics, Nature Photonics, Physical Review Letters, Laser & Photonics Reviews. According to ISI Web of Knowledge, her H-index is 24 with more than 3000 overall citations. She gave many invited talks to prestigious international conferences.
She has been very active in teaching and mentoring in the past ten years. Since 2005, she has been contract professor of Physics at Politecnico di Milano. She has been teaching physics courses of Mechanics and Electromagnetism to classes of 200 students at the Biomedical Engineering Department with full responsibility of course program and final evaluation. In the last ten years, she has been supervising 13 undergraduate, 5 PhD students and 5 Post Docs at Politecnico di Milano. She also co-supervised 2 summer students at NRC in Canada. In 2013 she obtained the Italian Abilitation for Full Professor
She successfully applied for funding both at National and International level. In 2012, she has been awarded an European Starting Research Grant with the project UDynI, "Ultrafast Dynamic Imaging of complex molecules".
Her active contribution to the scientific community is demonstrated by a consistent number of papers and invited lectures to international conferences, her contribution to the editorial board of Journal of Optics and numerous outreach activities.