Istituto per la microelettronica e microsistemi (IMM)



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Vittorio Privitera is Research Director at CNR. His current research is focused on the application of functional nanomaterials to water purification. He was a member of the project management committee of several European Projects (ENDEASD, FRENDTECH, IMPULSE) in the field of nanomaterials and nanoelectronics. He was the Coordinator of the European project "Fundamentals and applications of laser processing for highly innovative MOS technology" (FLASH) and of the VII FP European Coordination Action "Winning Applications of nano Technology for Resolutive hydropurification" (WATER), granted with 4 MEUR to IMM. He is author of 269 scientific publications and 2 international patents (H-index 29), won 4 awards at national and international conferences and chaired three international conferences (E-MRS Symposium 2001, IEEE-RTP 2007, IEEE-NMDC 2014). He was a member of the Doctoral Examination Committee at the University of Oslo and at the Delft University of Technology, and is project evaluator of H2020.