Istituto di matematica applicata e tecnologie informatiche "Enrico Magenes" (IMATI)


Dott.ssa MICHELA SPAGNUOLO Direttore f.f.

Telefono: 0382/548211

Curriculum (IT)


I am a Research Director of the National Research Council since 2010, working since 1989 at the Institute for Applied Mathematics (IMA), merged in 2002 in the Institute for Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies "E. Magenes "(IMATI). My scientific activity deals with the study and development of geometric and topological methods for the representation, comparison and characterization of surfaces and volumes, used in applications related to the manipulation and analysis of digitized data, or the discretization of geometric domains to support simulation processes. I authored more than 160 peer-reviewed scientific papers, one book on mathematical methods for the shape analysis, and edited several special issues and books on the topics of shape analysis and modelling. I am currently associate editor of 4 International. Computer Graphics journals (TVCG, CAGD, C&G, TVC). I was the Program Chair of 15 Int. Conferences in the field of shape modelling and analysis, and member of the steering committee of 3 Int. conferences.

In 2014 I was elected Fellow of the Int. Association EUROGRAPHICS, and in 2017 elected member of the executive committee of the same association. I supervised 10 PhD theses (2 of which in progress), and I am a member of the faculty board of the PhD in Mathematics and Applications of the Dept. of Mathematics of the Univ, of Genoa. Since 2005 I have been leading the IMATI research group on modelling, analysis and comparison of geometric shapes, which currently includes 9 projects on Int. and national external funds. In the last 5 years I have been principal investigator of 4 European projects (2 H2020 projects still in progress) for an average of 330K Euro / year funding. At the regional level, I participate in the Innovation Cluster of the Liguria district and I am currently a member of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Life Sciences Cluster of Liguria.