Istituto di elettronica e di ingegneria dell'informazione e delle telecomunicazioni (IEIIT)



1 - Applied Electromagnetics and Electronic Devices (Torino, Bologna, Milano, Pisa)

o Modeling and computer-aided design of microwave and millimeter-wave devices and circuits
o Numerical methods for electromagnetic field analysis
o Synthesis techniques for microwave components and circuits
o Electromagnetic scattering and diffraction
o Microwave antennas, Corrugated horns, Antenna feed systems
o Microwave filters and multiplexers, Ortho-Mode Transducers (OMT)
o Directional Couplers, Phase Shifters, waveguide transitions, Waveguide correlators etc.
o Frequency Selective Surfaces
o Dielectric Radomes
o Radiometers for astrophysical observations
o Microwave measurements, electromagnetic characterization of dielectric materials
o Design, fabrication and characterization of micro-nanoelectronic devices and MEMS
o Design and testing of electronic circuits for sensor interfacing
o Noise study and measurement in electronic devices
o Nonlinear characterization and modelling of radiofrequency electron devices
o MMIC design of RF transceivers
o Power electronic converters and amplifiers
o Piezoelectric systems for energy harvesting and ambient monitoring
o Electromagnetic characterization of optoelectronic and Acousto-optical devices
o Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
o Radar measurements
o Atmospheric channel modeling for space applications
o Retrieval of atmospheric parameters
o Indoor propagation
o Free-space optical propagation

2 - Computer Engineering & Networks (Torino, Padova)

o Industrial local area networks
o Communication protocols for automation
o Wireless communications
o Industrial Ethernet
o Fieldbuses
o Hybrid (wired/wireless) networks
o Real-time communications for factory applications
o High-precision distributed clock synchronization
o Network simulation
o Performance evaluation of automation networks
o Performance measurement of industrial communication systems
o Safe communications and safety protocols
o Real-time operating systems
o Embedded systems
o Open source operating systems
o Hardware virtualization techniques
o Formal techniques for the analysis of industrial networks

3 - Engineering for Health and Wellbeing (Torino, Genova, Milano, Padova)

o Bioengineering in Communication Disorders
o Biological System Modeling
o Bioreactors/Artificial Tissues for Tissue Engineering
o Cancer Tissue Engineering
o Cloud Robotics
o Cognitive System Modeling
o Computer Vision And Image Processing for Biomedical Applications
o Educational Robotics
o EMF Exposure Assessment
o eHealth for clinical research and clinical applications
o EMF Risk Assessment
o Growing up Robots
o Healthcare Applications
o Home Computer Interaction for Rehabilitation
o Human-robot Interfaces
o Intelligent Caregiver Robots
o Kinetics and Metabolism of Substances
o Living Tissues Modeling
o Medical Applications of EMF
o Model of auditory perception in aging
o Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction
o Population Pharmacokinetics/Dynamics
o Real-time Body Tracking and Body Sensor Networks
o Roboethics
o Service Robotics
o Signal Processing of Auditory Signals
o Smart Personalized Hearing Systems

4 - Network Security (Genova)

o Wireless (Assessment, Valutation & Testing)
o Denial of Service attacks (DoS) & Slow DoS Attacks (SDA)
o Cloud Computing
o Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)
o Attacks Distribution (Botnet)
o Penetration Testing
o Information & Computer Forensics (DFIR)
o Post-Mortem Analysis (PMA)
o Wiretapping
o Fringe Security (Intrusion Detection System, Firewall)
o Network Monitoring
o Hacking techniques

5 - System Modeling and Control (Torino, Milano, Genova, Padova)

o Analysis and control of uncertain and complex systems
o Robust stability and performance of dynamic systems
o Rule generation and statistical analysis of data
o Pattern recognition and feature selection
o Sensor networks
o Adaptive filter design
o Sliding-mode control design
o Randomized algorithms and probabilistic methods
o Big data analytics
o Distributed algorithms for PageRank computation
o Congestion Control of High-Speed Networks
o Uncertain truss structures optimization
o Stability of quantized and switched systems
o System modeling, identification and estimation
o Distributed estimation and control
o Constrained interpolation
o Hidden Markov models (HMM)
o Models for the term structure of interest rates
o Convex and robust optimization
o Systems biology and biomedical engineering
o Modeling and design of food production and supply chain systems
o Traceability issues in supply-chain management
o Analysis and optimization of food production processes
o Design of multivehicle systems
o Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
o Design and traffic management of automated guided vehicles
o Analysis, design and control of network systems
o Consensus of multi-agent systems
o Randomized algorithms over networks
o Parallel and distributed computing support to complex and critical systems
o Opinion dynamics in social networks
o Mathematics of information and coding theory

6 - Wireless Communication Systems (Torino, Bologna, Milano)

o Fast error correcting coding and decoding
o Capacity achieving and floorless channel codes
o Information theory and channel capacity evaluation
o Reliable channel coding for distributed control applications
o Signal reconstruction and estimation
o MIMO channel estimation and precoding
o MIMO iterative detection & decoding
o MIMO systems and distributed MIMO networks
o Wireless and wired channel modelling
o Phase noise channels
o Software Defined Radio algorithms for wireless communication systems based on FPGA and DSP architectures
o Heterogeneous wireless networks
o Simulation of wireless networks
o Passive and active localization techniques for wireless sensor networks
o Performance and connectivity of wireless sensor networks
o Algorithms and MAC design techniques for industrial wireless sensor networks
o Self-organizing wireless networks for critical applications
o Modelling and deployment optimization of wireless cooperative networks
o Communication protocols design for energy harvesting devices
o Analysis of mobile data records
o Characterization of mobile urban sensing and user mobility in wireless access and spontaneous networks
o Design and analysis of multiple access schemes and routing algorithms for vehicular networks
o Design of e/m-Learning architectures