Research project

UI - SLICES - SC (DIT.AD003.122)

Thematic area

Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation

Project area

Internet del futuro (DIT.AD003)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute for informatics and telematics (IIT)

Project manager

Phone number: 0503153078


Today we are experiencing the digital transformation happening with an unprecedented pace, with the community constantly researching on new solutions to support this transformation with ample computational power and connectivity. Towards addressing such research efforts, Research Infrastructure (RI) specific to addressing Digital Sciences research efforts have been deployed worldwide, towards trying to address key aspects contrary to off-the-shelf commercial infrastructure: 1) Full control over the parameters of an experiment, 2) Repeatable experiments regardless of the physical infrastructure, 3) Valid experimental results, which are easy to cross-reference and replicate. As such, several RIs have emerged, offering experimentation services with bleeding edge resources, that otherwise are only offered only in industrial R&D laboratories, with limited functionality. Towards combating these issues, SLICES Research Infrastructure is about to be deployed, aiming to provide high quality experimentation services with emerging technologies around the area of digital sciences (5G/6G, NFV, IoT and Cloud Computing), in an Internet-scale setup.


The technical objectives of the project SLICES-SC are the following:
- To provide access to a fully-customizable Internet-scale ecosystem for driving experimental research with Digital Sciences
- To enable virtually-anywhere access to the SLICES infrastructure
- To provide common experiment descriptions for cross-disciplinary domains over the converged research infrastructure
- To ensure repeatable and reproducible experimentation and validation of novel protocols
- To raise the awareness of the digital sciences key industrial players and promote the usage of the infrastructure
- To empower, assist and sustain the growth of SLICES-RI user community through the engagement of stakeholders for broad socio-economic impact creation and reinforce the access to the SLICES-RI
- To launch and organise joint training programmes for higher education and training of researchers, for attracting young researchers and students (with enhanced female participation) in order to support digital sciences careers;
- To support the sustainability and exploitation potential of the SLICES-RI by facilitating promotion of their results towards the interested stakeholders

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Digital Infrastructure, Future Internet, IoT

Last update: 11/12/2023