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PRIN 2017 Early dysfunctions of intercellular signalling in brain disorders (DSB.AD004.267)

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Biomedical sciences

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Neuroscienze (DSB.AD004)

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Istituto di Biochimica e Biologia Cellulare (IBBC)

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Phone number: 0690091


A general concept is emerging for CNS pathologies, i.e. that a large number of them depend, or are causally linked, to alterations in signaling processes. Thus cancer development and metastasis are accompanied and favored by insensitivity to the signals controlling cell division or programmed death, and neurodegenerative diseases are often linked to an altered crosstalk among neurons and/or between neurons and glial cells. This project will be carried out through the coordination of five independent groups: beside the two university units, the CNR unit of the coordinator in Rome comprises also two additional groups in Padova and Pisa. Using different experimental models, but with complementary approaches, the different groups will address the mechanisms of cell-to-cell communication in CNS diseases. The rationale of this project is that, by taking advantage of the different tools and expertise of each of the five groups, it will be possible to develop an unbiased and innovative approach for the understanding, and possibly for correcting, the intercellular signaling processes whose alterations are at the basis of some apparently unrelated CNS pathologies, such as Alzheimer's disease

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neuroscience, neuroimaging, biological bases of cancer

Last update: 20/04/2024