Research project

SSHOC - Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (DUS.AD002.017)

Thematic area

Social sciences and humanities, cultural heritage

Project area

Attività infrastrutturali per la ricerca sulle Scienze Umane e Sociali (DUS.AD002)

Structure responsible for the research project

Department Social sciences and humanities, cultural heritage

Other structures collaborating in the research project

Project manager

Phone number: 06 4993 2657


The project aims to provide a full-fledged Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) where data, tools,
and training are available and accessible for users of SSH data. The focus of the project is determined by the goal to
further the innovation of infrastructural support for digital scholarship, to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration
across the various subfields of SSH and beyond, and to increase the potential for societal impact. The intention is
to create a European open cloud ecosystem for social sciences and humanities, consisting of an infrastructural and
human component. Development, realisation and maintenance of user-friendly tools & services, covering all aspects
of the full research data cycle will be built, taking into account human-centric approach and creating links between
people, data, services and training. SSHOC will encourage secure environments for sharing and using sensitive
and confidential data. Where relevant, the results of EOSC-hub H2020 project will be adopted. The SSHOC will
contribute to the Open Science agenda and realising the EOSC.



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infrastrutture di ricerca, scienze umane e sociali, european open science cloud

Last update: 03/12/2023