Research project

ENSIS (DIT.AD021.020)

Thematic area

Engineering, ICT and technologies for energy and transportation

Project area

Matematica Applicata (DIT.AD021)

Structure responsible for the research project

Institute of Marine Engineering (INM)

Project manager

Phone number: 06502991


Thanks to the expertise gained in the development of Particle Methods for fluid dynamics, the CNR-INSEAN researchers will contribute in overcoming some well-known limits of the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) schemes in order to enlarge the range of application of this method in the context of the computational hydrodynamics. Optimized delta-SPH schemes, according to the last formulation developed at CNR-INSEAN, will be implemented and possibilities of a transposition to an Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) frame will be investigated. Then the developed schemes will be applied for preliminary studies of coupling interfaces with other numerical solvers and/or studies of local solution to tensile instability inception. The developed algorithms will be implemented and validated in the SPH-Flow code owned by ECN and the Hydrocean company.


The work is subdivided into the following tasks:
1. Analysis of the SPH-Flow code in order to identify the parts where the new algorithms will be plugged and where the routines need to be modified accordingly.
2. Implementation of the Delta-SPH model based on the last formulation developed at CNR-INSEAN, including the development of a suitable time-integration scheme.
3 .Validation of the implemented model through reference results already available at CNR-INSEAN.
4. Measurements of the CPU performances of the implemented model.
5. Investigation of new SPH models based on an ALE approach.
6. Implementation of the developed SPH-ALE algorithms in the SPH-Flow code.
7. Extensive validation of the SPH-ALE models and measurement of the CPU performances comparing to previously developed models.
8. Investigation of new coupling techniques of the developed SPH models with other CFD solvers.
9. Investigation of possible tensile instability controls taking advantage of the SPH-ALE formulation.

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