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Olga Petrucci


The Working Group 5 is a transversal group of HYMEX-Hydrological Cycle in Mediterranean Experiments ( dealing with the aspects related with societal and ecological impacts of hydro-meteorological extremes as heavy rainfalls, droughts and water scarcity, and the impact of climatic change on these risks. The focus is on the impact of extreme events in Mediterranean countries, in terms of both damage to goods and people, risk perception, mitigation strategies and communication processes. In this framework, starting from existing local databases the FLOODHYMEX-Database has been realized. FLOODHYMEX-Database focused on four regions representative of the NW sector of Mediterranean Europe: Catalonia and Balearic Islands (Spain); Calabria (Italy); Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyrennées and PACA (France). This poster presents the implementation of the database, the problems faced in the merging of pre-existing databases and some results obtained focusing on catastrophic events.The FLOODHYMEX-Database is based on four preexisting databases realized in the countries currently participating to project. From these databases, the period 1981-2010 has been selected as reference, in order to have a minimum period of 30 years of length that could be considered as a climatic period for which homogeneous data have been systematically collected in all the study regions. The database contains 90 events.

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