Institute of Traslational Pharmacology (IFT)


The IFT is involved in education and training programme of undergraduate and PhD students and post-doc fellows, according to an official agreement with the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Sapienza. In addition, the IFT is committed to "Public engagement" activities such as organisation of public events (i.e. Notte dei Ricercatori
European Biotech Weeks Open Day )from 2014.
Researchers of IFT-ARTOV are deeply involved by years, as principal organizers, in a specific International Summer School Programme, that takes place in ARTOV each year and is open to young Ph.D. researchers of all countries (

Annually International Summer School (first week of June)


The aim of the School is to facilitate an effective sharing and dissemination of new and innovative research ideas, strategies, focal points on cell model systems to promote pharmaceutical, pharmacogenomic research, bioinformatics and tissue engineering among post-doc students, speakers and scientists of the CNR Research Establishment based at Tor Vergata.
This research establishment, with its unique set of advanced instrumentation and technologies, provides a strong technical infrastructure for the Summer School. A new project in Italy for the envisaged mixing of theoretical and practical approaches. No other schools are present in Europe on this specific topic. More information are available at the dedicated

Director of the CMS3 School: Dr. Alfonsina Ramundo-Orlando,