Institute of Traslational Pharmacology (IFT)


Anticorpo monoclonale contro la leucemia mieloide acuta

Su iniziativa del gruppo Menarini e di Oxford BioTherapeutics è stato sviluppato un anticorpo monoclonale, umanizzato, MEN1112 che è in grado di riconoscere ed eliminare cellule di leucemia mieloide acuta. Dopo una fase preclinica di studio e caratterizzazione, che ha dimostrato efficacia e tollerabilità, MEN1112 è stato ed è utilizzato in uno uno studio di tipo traslazionale nel quale l'anticorpo ha dimostrato promettente attività in campioni di sangue periferico e midollare di pazienti ...

Nerve growth factor eye drops improves visual loss in childhood optic

The encouraging results of a phase II randomized, controlled, double-blind clinical trial testing the use of NGF in patients with severe optic pathway gliomas, were published in the prestigious journal Brain. The study was conducted at the Policlinico A. Gemelli in Rome by Antonio Chiaretti (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics), Benedetto Falsini (Associate Professor of Ophthalmology) and Riccardo Riccardi (Professor of Pediatric Oncology of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) in ...

Potential therapeutical actions of Cannabinoids

The therapeutic effects induced by cannabinoid drugs are well known since thousands of years. However, the recreational use of marijuana has indirectly limited a rigorous scientific evaluation of these pharmacological agents in the clinical practice. In our laboratories, we have screened and selected several cannabinoid ligands in order to evaluate the therapeutic benefits that might be attributable to these drugs. Our pre-clinical analyses confirmed that cannabinoid compounds may have ...